A Voyage to the Boundaries of Theoretical Physics



"A Voyage to the Boundaries of Theoretical Physics" is an outreach project sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Our goal is to give high-school students an insight into the research of contemporary high-energy theoretical physics. We want to explain both scientists are studying and how the research is conducted in practice. For this reason, we have prepared two animated videos in collaboration with the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt. The videos are available in English, French, German and Italian and are accompanied by a little booklet which will assist teachers who want to present the videos in class.

Videos and Material

We have produced two videos on contemporary high-energy theoretical physics:

YouTube channel of the NCCR SwissMAP: The Mathematics of Physics.

We have also prepared two poster, about the information paradox and about string theory, which can be freely downloaded and printed.

Finally, get in touch with us if you are a teacher and want to show the videos in class: we will send you some additional material to help you prepare your lecture! And if you want, we will be happy send one of our researchers to meet with the students, or to invite your class to ETH Zurich or to another Swiss research Institution.

Our Team

This project is lead by Dr. Alessandro Sfondrini, a researcher at ETH Zurich. Alessandro is a theoretical physicist working on string theory. He is supported by a scientific committee consisting of physicists from all over Europe:

  • Dr. Marco Baggio of Leuven University
  • Dr. Alessandra Gnecci of Leuven University
  • Dr. Kyriakos Papadodimas of CERN & ICTP Trieste
  • Prof. David Tong of Cambridge University
Our videos have been produced by the Kurzgesagt team, who are skilled at explaining complex topics in simple yet accurate YouTube animated videos. We also work in close collaboration with the outreach experts at ETH Zurich and at the NCCR SwissMAP: The Mathematics of Physics.


This outreach project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation under the Agora scheme, project number is 171622. It is be partially co-financed by the SNF project 141869, NCCR SwissMAP: The Mathematics of Physics.