A Voyage to the Boundaries of Theoretical Physics

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If you are a teacher at a Swiss high school and you would like to be involved in our activities, please send us a message below. We are happy to send you additional material to prepare your lecture. Moreover, one of our researchers can come to your school and meet the pupils to tell them about research in theoretical physics. Finally, subject to capacity you and your class are invited to coming to ETH Zurich and other Swiss Universities and research centres to meet the researchers.
For any questions, feel free to contact us at physdocu@phys.ethz.ch.

I would like to receive the teaching material to help me present the video in class.
I would like to participate in a training for teachers at ETH Zurich.
I would like to participate in one event at ETH / EPFL / Uni Geneva / etc. with my class(es).
I would like to invite a researcher to come to my school and meet my class.
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