A Voyage to the Boundaries of Theoretical Physics


"A Voyage to the Boundaries of Theoretical Physics" was an outreach project sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Our goal was to give high-school students an insight into the research of contemporary high-energy theoretical physics. We wanted to explain both what scientists are studying and how the research is conducted in practice. In this way, we hoped to dispel certain myths about physicists, such as the figure of the "lone genius" which discourages many talented students from pursuing a career in this field. For this reason, we have prepared two animated videos in collaboration with the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt. The videos are available in English, French, German and Italian, see our about page, and are accompanied by a little booklet which will assist teachers who want to present the video in class.

Get involved!

We want to give to teachers and students the opportunity to meet and discuss with theoretical physicists to get a glimpse of what our research entails. For this purpose, we are organizing public events at ETH Zurich and at other leading Swiss research institutions, for both teachers and for classes. We will talk about some of the most fascinating open problems in physics, and we will tell you what we do every day at the office and why we think it's exciting. Just contact us if you think that you or your students would be interested in attending. And if you cannot come and visit us... we can come to you! Let us know if you would like one of our researchers to come and meet the students at your school. You can get in touch with us here.